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7m x 3.5m with Bifold doors. This garden room has a separate storage area along with the main room

SIP panel Trafford Garden Rooms are used for an array of needs and are a welcomed addition of multi-functional space to any household. As a professional working from home and you need to separate a work-life balance, or you just want more space without the cost of an extension build a garden room could be the answer. Enhance the features, comfort, and value of your home with outside living, with Trafford Garden Rooms Manchester. 






Family Room 

Is your family growing and your family home doesn't have enough space and you are running out of room? Are you a childminder who needs a playroom in the day time for your children? Do you need a dedicated study or office? Your teenager may like a night time hang-out which gives them privacy to be with their friends, or maybe a garden bar or gym studio? A SIP constructed fully insulated Garden Room can certainly help you.

Our garden rooms provide extra space away from your main house becoming a great way to fit your business life, your study life, your social life, or outside relaxing life into your existing home without the cost of an extension or having to move.

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Just waiting for the Hot Tub!

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Professional Home Worker

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, most people have experienced working from home. The joys of being able to get up that little bit later and get home from work earlier is something that many people want to continue to enjoy even after the pandemic is over.

With a Trafford Garden Room, you can create your perfect work space right in your garden! Enjoy the perks of working from home without the disadvantages of a poor work space. By having a dedicated space from where you can work, you make sure that you have a physical separation between your work life and your home life. This will not only help you too "switch off" when you finish work, but will also ensure that your home remain harmonious even during stressful days.

To help create your perfect office space, our Garden Office Rooms come ready equipped with a shelving unit, full length desk and 2 cabinets in addition to all of our standard unit inclusions!










It's not only office workers who have found comfort working from home. We have recently helped dog groomers, hair dressers and glass artists build their business from the comfort of their own gardens. Our Garden Rooms can be built to accomodate baths, showers and even kilns! We know the importance of the workplace and thats why we spend time and care to create you one, whatever your profession.

Life in the Garden

Garden Rooms have an array of uses and can help you find peace and quiet away from your main house. We have many customers that have used our garden rooms for a number of uses from a gym area, painting and jewelry studio, entertainment room for older children, additional guest room to a summer house or garden bar.




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