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Foundations are key to a long-lasting garden room. Our rooms can be fitted on nearly all types of the ground because of our mini pile system.

Unlike some garden rooms, ours are constructed with 100mm thick polyurethane SIPs Panels which provide a very high level of all your round insulation.


The walls are locked together tight by the multi-lock system. Each joint is sealed and moisture resistant.

The roof and floor also use the same 100mm insulation meaning you can be warm all year round.


The final roof section locks everything together ready for the reinforced PVC doors and toughened double glazed glass.


The final stages of fitting roofing and cladding don't take long. Finally, fitting an EPDM rubber roof means you have 25+ years of maintenance-free use.


That's it, glass fibre corners and roof edges complete the look. Electrics are completed pending connection to the home supply by a third-party electrician. Walk around time with the client.

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